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The problem with a notary service is that you won’t know you need it until you need it. The idea of standing in long queues to get documents notarized is an excruciating thought.

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What Is a Loan Signing Agent?

A loan signing agent specifically handles loan documents. They are responsible for witnessing signatures on loan documents and are trained to walk the borrower through the signing process.

A notary signing agent is trained to handle legal and other documents and obtain the necessary signatures, including power of attorney documents, mortgage and real estate documents, financial power of attorney documents, legal and recorded documents, etc.

What Is a Mobile Notary Service?

A mobile notary service is a notary that has been trained to handle legal documents, loan documents and other important documents. In addition, a mobile notary service will travel from one destination to another, upon request, to meet a client and perform notary services.

Benefits of a Mobile Notary Service

While there are the obvious benefits of saving time and enjoying the convenience of the service, there are also a few other surprising benefits of hiring a mobile notary service.

Fast and Reliable Service

In certain cases, time is of the essence, and you may not be able to leave your job in the middle of the day to get documents notarized. A mobile notary service is fast, reliable and will travel to wherever you are to offer this service. The service is professional and convenient.

Service Area

If you are a company looking to employ a loan signing agent or notary signing agent to collect signatures, or if you are an individual that may need the services of these professionals, you may find that mobile notaries generally have a very large area that they service.

Fraud Prevention

Mobile notaries request proof of identification when providing the service. In addition, the mobile notary will ensure that original copies of documents are notarized as photocopies do not qualify to be notarized, signatures are obtained from parties that are not under duress or without free will and all protocols are followed during the service.

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Mobile Notary Service is associated with two professional bodies: the National Notary Association and the Notary Association of America.

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